Gamewagon Events FAQ

Why video games?

Video games have very quickly over taken film and music to become the nation’s entertainment of choice. And it’s not difficult to see why; games have evolved to become all things to all people. From deeply immersive, interactive stories to compelling commute distractions.

For an increasing number of players, video games have become their sport of choice – an accessible way to enjoy competition, with all the depth and strategy of real world athletics. Much of what we do at Gamewagon Events is focussed on this inclusive nature of competitive gaming – levelling the playing field so everyone can join in.

What do video games have to do with business?

Key business principles like teamwork, communication and strategy are fundamental to success in the kinds of games we use. Take, for instance, a game of FIFA 15 – the hugely popular, life-like football game. When playing a 2 vs 2 match, each pair controls their virtual football team together, there’s no way for one FIFA-addict to do all the work. Just like in the real-world game, they’ll need to communicate their passes, decide whether to play a high defensive line and adapt to an ‘all out attack’ or ‘park the bus defence’.

How much?

Every event is different so we wouldn’t like to give a quote without first having a chat and understanding your unique needs. Get in touch to get the ball rolling and we should be able to give you an idea of the cost pretty quickly.

What do we need for a Gamewagon Event?

Nothing but the space. We’ll take care of as little or as much as you like, from sourcing a venue to, health and safety documentation to equipment, team and theme. We can even provide our own power for outdoors events.

Aren’t video games just for kids?

No, not anymore. Market researcher, Newzoo, estimates that 55% of the UK’s population now plays games – that’s nearly thirty-five million players with a more-even-than-ever split of 55% men and 45% women. Many are gamers without even realising, thanks to the rise in popularity of mobile and social games like Candy Crush Saga and Clash of Clans. A huge growth in the industry has seen a broadening in the types of games on offer, these days theres undoubtedly a game for everyone.

I don’t play a lot of video games. Will I find it too difficult?

Our team excels at helping people get the most from games. Their talent is in identifying where someone may need help and explaining the systems and controls in a way that makes sense. We can’t promise you’ll come away knowing how to beat your kids but you’ll certainly get everything you need to enjoy your event.

We love game X, do you use game X?

In short, yes. If your game of choice isn’t one that we currently use (unlikely – we’re game fanatics), we’ll get it, learn it and create an event around it. We love finding new games and new ways to use old games.